Aso Ade is an African inspired lifestyle brand seeking to fuse Nigerian royalty with modern style. In the Nigerian culture, crowns, birds, and beads are used to represent royalty. The brand name “Aso Ade” originates from the yoruba language and translates to “Crown Cloth.” The word Ade is derived from the founder and designers’ name “Adeniyi,” which means, “The crown is prestige.” The coral beads in the logo signify protection, unity, and continuity from generation to generation. Aso Ade styles and designs will be made using unique african prints, and ankara fabric. Aso Ade pieces are designed in the U.S. and made in Nigeria. The company was formed in 2017.


Our mission is to create and deliver quality products that improves the quality of life for others. We believe the rich African culture and fashion can be leveraged to help bridge the gap for our fellow brothers and sisters in the diaspora. Our company will partner with several companies and organizations working on different initiatives focusing on improving the lives of the current and future generation in Africa.
We understand the power of your purchase and the impact it can have on those living in Africa.